ACGP Is A Not-For-Profit Organization

Having common experience in fighting the trade in counterfeits and with extensive global network, ACGP,using its knowledge of Nation's Law and Procedure is able to cut efficiently as a 'One-Stop-Shop' whenever and wherever our member need to enforce their intellectual property rights.

Anit-Counterfeiting Pakistan : Fight The Fakes

ACGP's on a mission to bring Innovative Thinking in Pakistani Industries

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ACG Pakistan giving you a platform where you can
speak against counterfeited products in pakistan

Share any Information or experience about counterfeited products


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These are our Services

Customs Enforcement

As the global trend towards purchasing via the Internet leads towards a multitude of smaller shipments mostly posted via international or express mail, the importance of a strong Customs Program has never been so important. ACGP can assist you by having the right Customs Applications in place as well as handling all seizure cases, including all communication, sampling, and storage, recycling or destruction.

Online Enforcement

ACGP Online Enforcement Program provides you with a one-stop-shop. By scanning hundreds of Internet platforms, using intelligent and bespoke techniques we can identify and act against on-line infringement. ACGP is also able to link its Internet program with its worldwide operational network, following up cases first detected on the Internet through to local investigation and law enforcement action.


We provide an international investigation service, which is capable of wide ranging enquiries and also supports local investigations. ACGP conducts online and onsite investigations and test purchases in order to gather information and evidence on suspect sellers and networks and hence, collect the evidence necessary to pursue important networks.

Market Monitoring

This service includes: organizing inspections, test purchases and investigations of markets, shops and stands and assisting the authorities in market raids. We regularly provide legal follow up procedures including: sending Cease and Desist letters, lodgement of criminal complaints and representation in court cases.

ACGP's on a mission to bring Innovative Thinking in Pakistani Industries

It's about you, the Innovative Pakistani. Its about you showing the world your intellect, your design and protecting your intellectual property from counterfeiting.

What is Counterfeiting and why it Matters?

Counterfeit means to imitate something. Counterfeit products are fake replicas of original products, .Expensive and desirable brands are most common and frequent targets of counterfeiting. Most of counterfeit products are not only created with low quality elements but also have toxics which can cause serious problems to consumers.

With ACGP you have all the resources and all the right facilities you need to exhibit your intellect and to protect it.

  • Intellectual Property Portfoliois

    First Ever Intellectual Property Portfolios to Show The Public.
  • Law Enforcement Action Against Counterfeiters

    If power is what our client wants then that is what ACGP will provide.
  • Lawsuit Against Counterfeiters

    ACGP has connections with big Law Firms of Pakistan and therefore is also capable of providing its client the facility to file a lawsuit against the companies which are trying to counterfeit their intellectual property.
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ACGP has been granted the patent of systems that can help you identify original products by

Government of Pakistan.

ACGP Patent given the patent to check if the product is original or not



Profits made from IP crime are used to fund other serious organised crimes such as drugs and arms smuggling, people trafficking, identity theft, money-laundering and child pornography. As reported by Interpol, there is even evidence of profits from counterfeiting funding terrorist activity.


Serious Crime
Product counterfeits look like those made by a reputable manufacturer when they are, in fact, inferior illegal copies that can have a serious impact on the health and safety of the consumer.


Social Effects


Worldwide Problem
The production and sale of counterfeit goods is a global, multi-billion dollar problem and one that has serious economic and health ramifications for Governments, businesses and consumers.

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We'll do everything to stop this mafia in Pakistani Markets.